This is a link to an online TV interview from a couple of gigs back – Purdue University in Indiana – but I will post it now, even though we are two states further on, because I didn’t have it when we were actually in Indiana. Does that make sense?

I did a 15 minute interview and yet the 15 seconds they broadcast here have me spluttering and mumbling and not saying anything very interesting. Oh well: Aileen’s costumes do look very nice.


Teaching Chicago to yodel

Well, I am sure that Thomas Fraser would never have suspected he would be the cause of me getting up at 7am to cab it down to an excellent radio station (WBEZ) and teach Chicago how to yodel.

This was last Friday. So much happened in Chicago that it was hard to find time to mention even a quarter of it here. We have two days off in rural Pennsylvania now (aruments rage in the band if the landscape here is more reminiscent of Aviemore or Drumnadrochit) and so I hope to find time to blog a bit.